Thursday, 10 May 2007

All Quet on the Western Front

No pics today, I have been distracted over the weekend by studying and painting up an entry for the [ainting competition on Steve Dean's website. The figure came out nicely and I'll paost a pic once the competition is over.

The evenings this week have been taken up with preparing the entry for the next comp, something very different from my usual output but I am enjoying painting for its own sake rather than for a gaming project. I'm starting to re-learn all the belnding and shading techniques that I have been ignoring.

Hopefully the next crusaders will arrive soon from Gripping Beast and I can crack on with the templars. The Perries will have Hospitallars out in a couple of months for the 2nd-3rd Crusade - oh mama!

Right, off to add more layers of shading and highlighting to "da speshul project"

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