Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Arthurians for the Beast: Part 2

Hello again! Here are the figures as I left them last night, with the backs of the shields, the helmets and the sheild bosses finished off. You can see below the effect of the silver glaze now it has dried fully:
The next step is to add more colour

The tunics were blocked in with "Sand" and the facesd and hands with "Burnt Sienna". No need to be too tidy so long as the bits painted yesterday are left alone

Two of the tunics are stained using thinned snakebite leather and the other two stained by thinned graveyard earth. The Anita's Acrylics sand dries to quite an obsorbent finish so takes these washes quite well

The main details on the faces and hands are then picked out with tanned flesh

and once this dries the flesh is washed with a thin mix of brown ink and burnt sienna paint

back to the tunics...these start to get layered, first with Sand & Snakebite leather on the left and Sand alone on the right

The "yellowish" tunics then get a highlight of thinned Sand

All of the tunics are then given a thin wash of either brown ink and snakebite leather, or borwn ink and Sand. This is a very thin wash, a bit like skimmed milk in consistency.

The pale tunics then get a final highlight of Cream. The other tunics look fine as they are

Back to the faces and hands...the details are again picked out in tanned flesh

...then in dwarf flesh

Then a mix of dwarf flesh and "Blush" (although simple elf flesh might do if you have some)

The beards and har are then painted in starting with scorched brown, then progressing through lighter colours

Here is a quick close-up progress of one figures face and beard as described above

...and from yesterday, the progress on his helmet.

No update tomorrow as I hope to actually get to the club for a game!
Tunic borders, belts etc on Thursday


Kevin Moon said...

Lovely metallics Steve, I'm going to have to give it a try.

Looking forward to the finished article!

Kevin Moon said...

They look fab Steve, I'm definately going to give the metallics method a go!