Friday, 4 May 2007

AWI Indians

Oldies, but not bad nonetheless, these are a couple of shots of the superb Perry Miniatures native americans from the AWI collection. I painted these just after they were released, so that mist be 2003 or so. The challenge on these was the flesh. In the end I primed them white and painted them all over in Anita's Acrylics blush - a pale pinky flesh colour, then washed in a variety of colours working from light to dark. I think the first colour was humbrol flesh, then darkened by mixing in greater and greater amounts of chestnut ink. I can't remember the exact process, but it probably finished with a dilute wash of brown ink to avoid it all looking too "red". I like washes made from paint AND ink, the milky consistency seems to work well for "natural" areas like flesh and clothing. These days I thend to mix in a bit of PVA or varnish to make it a bit more of a glaze.
Must get those Jagers based up over the weekend, just as soon as I finish those two crusaders on the painting desk. They are almost done, but the shading on the white areas is a bit too dark on one of the horses and needs lightening up a bit.

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