Thursday, 17 May 2007


No, not that sort.

Wednesday night is gaming night for the Newark Irregulars. John put on a rapid fire game with a ridiculous number of Panthers and King Tigers vs some equally tread-headed Soviet armour.

Laurance and I settled for DBA. I thnk I got mugged. Having not actually bothered to take any figures myself Lau wheeled out his Parthians and Arabs. I opted for the Parthians as they have 4 elements of knights (John and I aren't that different after all) and all the arabs had was weedy camels and some assorted infantry and light horse (mistake!)

Shortly after starting battle 1, i realised that camels do nasty things to mounted troops - and I had anr army where 11 of its 12 element were mounted. A casualy attitude to the camels saw me loose far too many light horse and the game was over in about 3 turns.

In game 2 I was too cautious (due to game 1) and got severely picked apart.

Game 3 went better, thanks to Lau getting over confident and having his general killed making an imprudent attack.

Hmm 2:1 and I was lucky to get the 1! I'll take my Middle-Imperial Romans next week for a big-battle bash against combined Partians and Arabs, at least I have half a clue what I am doing with those...

Insomnia set in later last night, I painted the decoration on the Arthurian tunics and painted the leatherwork. I'll post pics this evening and crack on with trousers and neck-scarves. Once they are done it is just the shields and bases to finish, should all be finished by Friday night.

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John von Dowman said...

Only a "ridiculous" amount of Panthers and Kingtigers Steve? Must use more next time, obviously not nearly enough......... :-)
We used my new adaptions which are a lot slower than RF2, verdict? keep to RF2 for quick easy club games, mine for more serious affairs....... :-)