Saturday, 19 May 2007

Arthurians for the Beast: Part 5

OK, here is the final instalment, starting with the work-up on the spears. First come base coats of bestial brown and charcoal for the shaft and head respectively:Each is then given a first highlight. The spear shaft gets short strokes of snakebite leather, while the spearhead gets wedgewood blue (as with painting the helmets): The next level involves Coffee on top of the snakebite leather and a mix of cream and weggewood blue for the spear head:

The spearhead is then finally highlighted with cream and then with white, both are shown in the following picture

The finishing touch is a thin wash of PVA and brown ink on the spearshaft - for colour tinting and to strengthen the hand-spear joint, and a thin wash of PVA, black paint and silver paint on the spearshaft:

Lastly the bases are finished off with a variety of browns and some static grass, glued on with PVA
The helmets, bosses and spearheds had a final finish of gloss varnish&PVA lightly washed onto the highlight areas

This last picture came out really well. I'm pretty pleased overall with the paintwork on these figures and hopefully the beastie boys (TM) will like them when I hand them over at Partizan.

I hope this has been of interest to some folks out there, thanks for the kind comments. It'll probably be a while before I post a full tutorial again as it is very tome consuming, but this one has been fun!

A big bag of beastie crusaders now awaits my attention


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WABit said...

Very informative work Steve. I really enjoyed following things as they went along.