Monday, 14 May 2007

Arthurians for the Beast: Part 1

In a bout of good naturedness, having been so pleased with my crusaders I offered to paint some bits for the Beast to illustrate their back-catalogue. Above you can see pack ABR06 from the Arthurian British range primed and on the table. Here is the first part of my step-by-step guide to painting these little chaps. They have been glued to pennies with PVA and sand applied to pre-texture the bases. They have then been sprayed with Halford's black car primer, 'cos that is what was to hand in the garage, and once dry painted with thinned GW Chaos Black to cover the bits that the spray missed.

The bases and backs of the shields are then painted Earth Brown

The helmets are then painted in charcoal grey and the planking of the shileds picked out in coffee.
The shields are then given a wash of thinned GW Brown Ink and the helmets start to get highlighted up with wedgewood blue. Because I want the very best metallic effect I am going for a Non-Metallic Metal approach, glazed with silver paint. You'll see what I mean as it develops...

The helmets are further highlighted with a mix of wedgewood blue and cream, then cream alone and lastly pure white. The shield bosses are done the same way.
The metal areas are then washed with thinned black ink and charcoal paint (very thin wash). The bases are drybrushed with coffee paint and the backs of the shields tarted up with the same.

And finally the metal areas are glazed with a mix of silver paint and PVA glue, roughly 50:50 with a dash of water to smooth things along.

After priming this all took about a hour.

More tomorrow!


Dave said...

Stunning stuff so far!

Bill T said...

Very interesting stuff. Could you take some more close-ups as you paint them though. It can be hard to see how the various layers are changing the area you paint sometimes. Really good stuff though.

Lord S said...

Thanks Steve, Looking FAB. Any chance of a right close up on one of the helmets?
Pip pip

datapimp said...

i'd be curious to see the last pic especially at a larger size to see the effect of your glaze.

Soapy said...

Yeah, what they said. Supersize them there photos.

Stay lucky,

datapimp said...

thanks for the additional glazing photos. :)