Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Templar WIP

You can tell it is a weeknight, my painting slows down when I have to go out to work! Here are some pics of my nearly finished first Templar figure for the Crusades army. Painting the white can be tricky so I did this test figure first. The white actually isn't as bad as making the red crosses look convincing. I started by apinting these in dark brown, then highlighting up, but the effect isn't quite right as there is too much of the dark shade left around the edges of the cross. On the shields you get away with it, but it looks really wrong on the folded barding. On the pennant I actually cracked it! Painting in the dark shade for the white, and a quite bright red for the cross, followed by a dark brown ink wash (very thin). The white is then highlighted up as normal, but the cross is only slightly highlighted (blazing orange in theis case) and if necessary paint in a shadow using burnt umber or something similar. The effect this gives is far better and actually a little easier to paint.
Still need to finish some figures for the first unit now...busy, busy


Anonymous said...


Lovely work!!


Giles said...

That is very well done. Am interested to hear more (and see more) about building whites up from a brown/sand base coat. Also interesting in following yout blog!

Best wishes

Giles (AWI blogger)