Thursday, 31 May 2007

This week I have been mostly...

..knackered, being on holiday has that effect on me.

Partizan was good at the weekend, although we didn't really get much of the game played! I picked up some more stuff for the Crusades from Gripping Beast, lots of books on the Crusades from Hersants, MDF bases and some valejo paints from Mike at Stronghold.

I also picked up a few more Arthurians to paint up for the Beastie web pages and got those out of the way first. They are painted in the sam way as the step-by-step arthurians from last month and they came out quite well. The Heroes pack (ABR08) is always a challenge, particularly as I have never got on with the chap pointing with his shield strapped to his back. He always looks to "viking" and I never get an arthurain vibe from him. In the end he came out alright, but I had several attempts at his tunic before settling on the purple.

The parade helmet chap came out very nicely. This was prepared in the "non-metallic metal followed by a silver glaze" method, and it really brings out the sculpting of the piece. This figure is also tricky because his shield is so tall and narrow it doesn't take most shield designs well. In the end I opted for a blue boar below the boss.

The second pack, ABR07, was a much more straightforward proposition. Again, see the step-by-step from May for the techniques. The only addition is painting the chaonmail. I always do this first as it involves a lot of messy drybrushing. In this cas I drybrushed on successive layers of charcoal grey, dove grey and metallic white. (all Anita's Acrylics) followed by a thinned black ink wash. The metallic white is quite find. It gives a much more "silver" effect than silver paint at this scale and I will be using it a lot for this kind of work.

More crusaders next!

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