Thursday, 17 May 2007

Arthurians for the Beast: Part 3

Ok, part 3 of the "how I did it" guide to painting these figures. Whose dumb idea was this? It takes ages to photograph all (well most) of the steps! Above you can see where I have blocked in the decoration for the tunics. As all of this wiil be red I have opted for burnt sienna as a base colour. Below I have used blood red to fill in most of these areas just leaving the burnt sienna showing where the clothing folds to create shadow. It is imprtant not to leave too much of a dark edge around these coloured areas as they begin to look odd and less natural - so dark base colour onlt in the "folds".

The red areas are then highlighted with blazing orange, then finally a small amount of fiery orange on the highlights

The effect of all this highlighting can be seen in the enlarged photo below:

I wanted to add a bit of decoration to a couple of the tinics. For this I used pure white and a fine brush to add dots and lines to create a pattern. It looks better, I think, just to stick to white here. Trying to start a bit darler and work up is just overkill and ends up looking quite unconvincing I find.

Now it is time to paint the leatherwork. Starting with bestial brown, then snakebite leather and working up to lighter colours

Finally the leatherwork is finished with thinned chestnut ink

The buckles etc on the leatherwork are then painted in simply with silver paint and no fancy effects

The trousers are now painted. Two figures have brown trousers and one has green, the fourth has black which we will come back to. The brown and green are blocked in below:

and then washed with darkened versions of the same colour as washes.

The black trousers are then "layered" using:
  1. Regal blue and black
  2. Black and dwarf flesh
  3. Black and more dwarf fles
  4. Thin wash of black pint to tone things back down and blend the colours together

The other trousers are then highlighted with the original colours, then these colurs lightened by adding in a little "Sand" paint

The green ended up a little too light, so was toned down with a thin wash of catachan green on its own
The shoes come next - my least favourite part of painting figures :-( so we will keep it quick. The shoes are painted with bestial brown, then highlighted with a bestial brown/snakebite leather mix

...and then given a thin wash of brown ink & water to finishe them off

Sorted, just the shields and weapons left to do!
Actual painting time so far is about an hour per figure, the photos and blog add to this considerably

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