Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Battle of Pashminia - day 1

Hello all! As a way of rounding off the half-term I thought I'd fight out a small battle in the newly tidied garage. I took the opportunity to dust off my "Back of Beyond" collection to fight out an action between an attacking British force and some defending locals.

The scenario involved part of a British brigade under the command of Colonel "Breezy" Windeville. Forces available were the 2nd Battalion, Borsetshire Regiment (four companies and attached machine guns), two squadrons of the Gorblymee Light Cavalry and an armoured car.

Windeville was tasked with taking the Dagastani town of Pashminia and its railway station. The town was defended by Colonel Amirani and a mixture of Dagastani tribesmen and units of the Emir of Dagastan's regular army (the regulars are largely using Turkish kit).

The following photo shows Pashminia from the North-East. A squadron of Light Horse is advancing on the hill, while the bulk of the British infantry attempt to storm the large house and walled garden far to the South, with their right flank covered by the armoured car.

The bulk of the Dagastani regular forces are dug in behind sandbags in the centre, East of the town and railway. These defences include a couple of field guns, that made short work of the armoured car. Below is another shot of the central defensive position. In the background can be seen some native light horsemen, preparing to charge the British attackers
The 2nd Borsetshires stages several assaults on the Southern house (the "merchant's house") taking heavy losses in the process. One such assault can be seen below, The Merchant's house was held by a company of Dagastani militia (essentially, uniformed tribesmen under regular officers) supported by a machine-gun unit.

On the British right (North), the cavalry eventually pushed the defenders off the hill, however this had cost the British one infantry company rendered ineffective and half of the attacking cavalry squadron.

Following a command blunder, the Dagastani regulars in the centre staged an impromptu assault towards the British infantry and machine guns:

However they soon fell back, allowing the Borsetshires to put in a final assault on the Merchant's house despite harrasment from the mounted tribesmen:

At this point, the light was failing and both sides sought to consolidate their positions ready for the second day. Both forces are expecting reinforcements and it is thought that the Dagastanis may even have support from the bolshevik forces of neighbouring Transcortinia. The photos below show the positions taken by the forces at dusk on day 1. The British have pulled back from the North to form a defensive line running along the souther edge of town, running from the Merchant's house, across the railway line and off to the West. The hill has been abandoned for now:

Below is a cloder view of the opposing sandbag lines:

...and a view looking North from behind the British position:

...and a view from the East, looking along the Borsetshire's lines westwards from the Merchant's house:

The Dagastani's hunker down around the town of Pashminia, and have brought both field guns around to face South:

Lastly, the militia and tribesmen have been moved north to cover the hill:

Everything seems set for an exciting day 2.
The British are expecting the second squadron of cavalry to arrive overnight (they should have appeared on day 1, but seem to have got lost), and a couple of companies of Ghurka rifles are en route.
The Dagastani's are expecting reinforcement by a weak battalion of regular infantry and possibly some Transcortinian bolshevik support in the form of an armoured train.
(Rules were an adaptaion of Blitzkrieg Commander with unit stats made up "on the fly" - it seemed to work!)

Friday, 29 May 2009

Impetus plans

Well, I survived Legoland with the kids and my order for MDF bases from East Riding has arrived with its usual alacrity so I have been busy getting all my 28mm arthurian figures out of their boxes with a view to rebasing for Impetus.

Not much to report so far. I think I'll aim to complete one base at a time (120mm frontage), each having 5-7 cavalry or 12-14 infantry (or a small number of skirmishers). For each base I'll touch up the paintwork on the figures before basing and I'll put photos on the blog as things progress. There is no rush with the project and I can intersperse this with bits & bobs of 6mm ant other projects.

As well as the arthurians I also have plenty of 28mm caesarian romans and ancient greeks, so these will probably also get the same treatment in time.


Monday, 25 May 2009

Post-Partizan Garage Clearout

Partizan was a lot of fun. My Wagram game went down well, although it was a bit of a push as due to illness I had to game it solo for most of the day!

For regular games I wouldn't normally play something quite as large as Wagram, and it is difficult to keep up the momentum in a show environment. I am tempted to arrange a one-day Sunday event in Newark sometime in the next 12 months to play through Wagram in its entirety with some interested gamers and without distractions. Post a comment to this blog entry if you think you might be interested in this. 3 players a side should be adequate.

Purchases at the show were more or less limited to pre-orders. 6mm napoleonic British from Baccus and some terrain bits & bobs from Timecast. I did succumb to some Baccus ECW as well, purchasing just a few pieces to make up some test bases for "Basic Baroque", the pike and shot expansion for the Impetus rules. I have added Impetus to my 2009 project list as I have been enthused by the Basic Impetus rules that can be downloaded for free.

The initial plan is to try out Impetus with my 28mm Arthurians and Baroque with 6mm ECW (I do also have some 28mm ECW in a semi completed state, so I could go for either scale, or both, in the fullness of time)

Today, I have been tidying the garage to sort out my terrain and figure storage. I unearthed all manner of forgotten projects including a hue pile of Foundry Caesarian Romans, which are likely to be added to the Impetus project if the experiment with the Arthurians goes well.

So, after Partizan set-up on Saturday, the show yesterday and the garage today I am well and truly exhausted!

I also found time today to go to the local car boot sale, and picked up a copy of "La Grande Armee", a french history of napoleon's army, for £3. It will be interesting to read about some of my favourite campaigns from the gallic viewpoint!

Friday, 22 May 2009

Partizan coming up fast!

Just a reminder that the Partizan show is on this Sunday (24th May) at Kelham Hall.

I'll be demonstrating the Wagram game in the main hall and I hope that lots of people will stop by and say hello and maybe even try playing a turn or two (although it isn't strictly a participation game). I'll be setting-up day 2 of Wagram, picking up where we left off at Salute in March.

Safe journey to anyone making the trip.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Planning for the Summer

Only a week until Partizan, so I need to make sure I have all the Wagram troops organised and packed ready for the trip to Kelham Hall.
For show details see

Otherwise, I have taken the last few weeks to ponder what I want to work on over the next few months. I'm not looking to start any new projects and most of my gaming fun in the last couple of years has come from my grand-tactical napoleonic 6mm stuff and my 15mm WW2 games using Blitzkrieg Commander. As a result I am planning to stick to developing 6mm British napoleonic forces (for Waterloo) and expanding my 15mm WW2 armies and terrain.

I have been unsure with the WW2 stuff whether to expand my NE Europe 1944 stuff or the 1940 NE Europe collection. After some thought I have opted for 1944 with an emphasis on the bocage fighting following D-Day. I already have roughly a battalion each of US and German infantry along with supporting armour. Before getting more troops and vehicles I want to get some specific scenery built, so I think a lot of June will be occupied by building quite a lot of hedges and trees. I'll also try to get enough extra woods & defences done to allow a smooth transition to the Ardennes.

As I like small-ish games there will be no need to go mad, but I think expanding forces to 2 battalions a side, plus some decent armour options will be a good summer project. I'll probably look to expand the US with extra infantry and some paratroopers as well as adding some more shermans and M10s. The Germans will receive either some SS infantry or paratroopers along with some PzIVs, STuGs and Panthers. But I MUST get some terrain finished first.

My Partizan shopping list looks like being some 6mm Brit naps, a few bits of 15mm WW2 US and Germans and whatever terrain bits catch my eye.


Sunday, 3 May 2009

Latest painting

Hi all, hope everyone is having a good Bank Holiday weekend. While I have been finishing off the last of my coursework, I managed to put the final touches to my first "ECW 1938" figures that appeared earlier as work-in-progress. Belwo is a shot of the first 6 figures of the platoon of "Newark Irregulars" that I have planned, with a slightly royalist theme. I'll also be producing a parliamentarian flying column (probably based at the council offices in Kelham).
I've also done a more "in-period" shot:
Here are close ups of each figure for those that like to analyse every brush stroke. I need to get back in the swing of painting 28mm faces, but otherwise I'm pretty pleased with the results, considering I have been painting 6mm almost exclusively for about 18 months.