Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Chain of Command - first impressions

I played a quick solo game of Chain of Command today, having had the rules for a while.

Simple "Patrol" scenario with a late war Heer platoon + HMG encountering a US platoon + 60mm mortar.
The US never really got everything hooked up and the Heer got slightly the better of the dice luck, so in the end the hard-pressed Yanks withdrew when their morale reached 3 after the platoon lieutenant bought the farm. On reflection, they should have deployed smoke grenades and been more aggressive, HMG will always provoke a little reluctance.

The mortar didn't really get a chance to have much influence. I think a .30cal MG would have been more help...actually a tank would have been more help :-)

This was all played in 15mm, which looked really good.

Overall impression: impressed (and no bl**dy card activation).

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Available at last: Rebellion!

Well, after years of waiting my first solo-authored book is now available from Warlord Games.

Rebellion! is a supplement for the Black Powder rules, covering the American War of Independence (or American Rebellion or American Revolution, take your pick).

I am really pleased with how the finished book has turned out.

Now I'm off to juggle three current projects to carry me through the Autumn:
  1. More AWI militia in readiness for Guilford Courthouse at Salute (I have enough, I just want to revamp them and add some new command stands)
  2. "Chain of Command", 15mm Americans vs Germans in the Southern France campaign of 1944 - having just read Jeff Danby's excellent "Day of the Panzer"
  3. 28mm Ancients with the "Sword and Spear" rules.