Friday, 27 August 2010


Nothing new here, but to satisfy a friend's curiosity here are some pics of my AWI cavalry. Above is "bloody Ban" himself, Banastre Tarleton converted from the officer figure in the foundry AWI Continental Dragoon Command blister. The helmet has been converted with gree stuff but that is about all. The casualty he is threatening is from the Foundry French Revolutionary range. Below is a close up of Tarleton's head. The conversion was fairly simple:

  1. Take a pair of pliers and squeeze the original horsehair plume into a thin piece of metal sticking up from the helmet
  2. Trim this excess metal away with a scalpel or scissors
  3. Make a small "sausage" of green stuff of the right size to form the bearskin crest of the Tarleton helmet
  4. Place this sausage onto the helmet
  5. Take a fine needle and make lots of little holes all over the sausage to create the correct texture and allow to harden overnight
  6. Roll out a thin piece of greenstuff and cut a small "fan" shap out of this with a scalpel
  7. Use the point of the scalpel to pick up the fan and transfer it the the left-hand side of the helmet
  8. Use the scalpel blade on the greenstuff fan to give the impressin of feathers.
  9. Allow the greenstuff to harden and then paint away!

The next photo is of part of my main cavalry unit of the British Legion, I have a further 6 figures to add to this unit depending on the scenario. These are all modified from the Foundry Coninental Dragoons or the Perry 17th LD in southern dress, with appropriate headswaps or greenstuff modifications.

I also have a little unit forming a Legion detachment that can operate independently or be added to the main unit (to total 21 figures). This unit includes skirmishing figures from the Perry pack of 16th LD "foot dragoons" and a dead horse from Front Rank

Lastly is my detachment of 17th LD using a mix of uniformed and southern dress figures. These are probablya bit too smart for the later period of the war but I like them like that!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Inspired by something posted by Too Fat Lardies on TMP I thought I'd have a go at some cabbages. Not bad!

These are made from the small roses sold in craft shops for making cards and decorations for weddings.

The other crops are made from clump foliage and rough turf texture (Woodland Scenics)

Sunday, 22 August 2010

55th Foot

After a somewhat tortuously slow progress the 55th Foot are at last ready for battle. The bulk of the painting of these was done over 5 years ago but they have languished in a drawer awaiting basing and finishing. This has been completed today and here are some photos. Above is the entire 36-figure unit and below are some close-ups of the command stand and musicians:

As with all my AWI units, the flags are hand-painted.


Friday, 13 August 2010

Terrain comments

Thanks for the kind comments on my previous post. To answer a couple of points the terrain might look quite crowded, which is the aim, but I have made an effort to keep things gameable. Using the Black Powder rules the fields slow movement to half pace and any shooting through them makes the target "not clear". Buildings may be occupied but if a unit wants to simply move through one it can do so in line or skirmish formation by simply using one whole move to do so. Fences cost half a move to cross and the stream can be forded by inf/cav by spending one move but wagons and artillery must use a bridge.

The aim of the terrain is to make the game interesting and it helps to slow down the quite large moves in Black Powder without needing to use compressed scales. Movement of reserves in columns on roads is therefore quite quick - as it should be. The aim of terriain is NOT to make thegame a headache to play. You can force infantry to cross rivers at bridges but you risk creating a turkey shoot and spoiling the game.

I'm glad people like the terrain as shown here and in my previous battle report. There is nothing fancy to it. Everything is constructed on standard 2 foot square terrain tiles from TSS as shown in some earlier posts from this year. The use of paint and flock certainly breaks up the straight lines and the fences also help to draw the eye nicely. Rock faces (cliffs, stream banks) are made from cork bark. Basically all you see is constructed fairly cheaply from quite standard modelling materials (flock, paint, varnish and decorator's filler/spackling) using no tools more complex than a craft knife, spatula and paintbrushes. The trick is not to make everything perfect but to make everything consistent using the same paints and flock for the boards, building bases, tree bases, roads, etc.

So have a go!

Let battle commence...

Holiday time and a chance to get thoughts together for the demo game I am putting on at Partizan in the autumn. The table will be 6 x 8 feet but in my garage I only have 4 x 8 so the game will be worked out in stages. Essentially there will be two British attacks, arriving from the south and east and obstructed by a stream and a town respectively. The game pictured shows the attack across the stream by Webster's brigade of the 23rd and 33rd foot supported by the light companies and assisted by the British Legion (a small brigade of a foot and a cavalry unit). The setting is a sort of alternative to Camden in 1780, with a better positioned American defence and some wiser use of the militia. In the photo above, Webster's battalions have forded the stream and are preparing to tackle the militia while Major Hanger of the Legion looks on.

Below is a view of the American defence. The first line has crumbled after Webster's initial assault and now there comes a line of militia around the farmhouse and a line of continental regulars further back:
Here is a shot from behind the American position looking towards the stream and the mill. This shows my home-made trees off quite nicely. The rest of the demo will lie to the left (north) of this picture with the town towards the foreground. The British attacks will therefore be rather separated:

Another shot of the Americans. In the foreground a militia unit has broken and is running:

Here they come! Gates considers his next move:

The British have reformed after crossing the stream and overwhelming the defending skirmishers. The Americans bring up their continentals to bolster the militia:

The infantry of the Legion finally make it over the river and after a prolonged firefight, the riflemen defending the barn blunder on a command and are ordered to retreat!:

Lastly, Webster's 23rd Fusiliers have advanced in pursuit of the American right wing while the light companies rally after a heroic charge that swept away a continental battalion. The 33rd meanwhile have had enough and have retired from the field to fight another day.

All in all a quick and fun game that will form the basis of half of the full demo.
Quiet time now, I'm off to the seaside for a week!
cheers, Steve

Monday, 2 August 2010

Busy week!

Just not very busy with anything "visual"

I'm still writing AWI scenarios and background material and spent the weekend knocking together stuff covering the Saratoga campaign, having more or less finished the stuff covering the South in 1780-81. I have also largely completed the 1775 Boston stuff so really now need to start filling in the bits in the middle - although I have roughed out scenarios for the Philadelphia campaign already.

Hope to finish off Saratoga narrative and scenarios tonight. Tomorrow I'm on a speaking engagement and Weds I'm hoping to get to the club for a game. Should get more writing done on Thurday though and then I'm on my hols - so I'll get a chance to print off and proof read the progress to date.

I haven't forgotten that I'm also doing an AWI demo game at The Other Partizan in the autumn...