Sunday, 13 February 2011

Quiet week

Not a busy week on the gaming front. Managed to get some paint on my Oscan hoplites which will serve as Tarentines. Hope to get these finished off next weekend.

This weekend has been taken up with family get together, rugby, more rugby, yet more reugby and I'm off to see Steve Punt & Hugh Dennis tonight.

The writing project has gone well this week though.


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

DBA battles tonight

Four more battles tonight to help get me back into the swing of DBA. The first three saw my middle imperial romans take on the parthians while for the last we switched to marian romans vs later pre-islamic arabs.

Well, I managed one win!

On the Pyrrhic front, the army continues to come together. I have just received some very nice macedonian/successor generals from Xyston (Scotia Micromodels) to replace the Essex ones for a bit of variety and I have some Oscan hoplites on order from Chariot (Magister Militum). Army Painter is working fine on the 15mm figures and I think this scale is more forgiving of this approach than 28mm.