Wednesday, 2 October 2013

AWI Action, the battle rages

Just time on my tea break at work to report in. I fitted in about 25 minutes last night which was plenty of time to rattle through another couple of turns.

The Britsh Legion infantry paused to reform while the two companies they had detached to skirmish in the woods proved useful at hart adding the flank of the NH continentals. In the centre the 71st foot moved up to oppose the NY continentals who stepped back rather than risk becoming exposed by the retiring NH regiment. The 71st are continuing a steady advance and will charge when in position. To the north the firefight between the Vols of Ireland and the Maryland continentals is seeing both units whittled away. The Delawares attempted a charge against the jagers in the wood but stopped short and took losses from some effective rifle fire.

All in all the rules are speeding along nicely and working very well. I'm looking forward to concluding this small battle and trying something larger with militia and elites thrown in to the mix.

If you haven't yet bought the Wargaming Compendium then it is well worth a look and I certainly think these rules give others a run for their money.