Tuesday, 21 August 2012

ECW Royalist Foot

Hello folks!

I have been beavering away at the lead mountain with the help of Army Painter and have added three new regiments of Royalist foot bringing the total to a more impressive five regiments:

 The additons are:
1. Lamplugh's Regiment of Newcastle's army
 2. Newcastle's Foot (using mainly scottish figures)
 3. Tillier's Foot
These look the business and the Army Painter might not give quite the same effect as multiple layersof highlighting but it is a) not at all bad and b) much quicker for ECW with all the fiddly bows, apostles, etc.

Next step will be the Royalist horse and dragoons before I think what to order for the Parliamentarians.

So long as a crack the rules conundrum I could see this project slowly growing. I can see a bath-tubbed Marston Moor taking shape...

Saturday, 11 August 2012

ECW progress and plans

My holiday is drawing to a close but in the last week I have been plugging away with the ECW lead mountain and thinking about where to go with the project.

The painting is going well and I aim to finish off the Perry stuff I bought as a royalist army, filling out the gaps with some small additional purchases. This should give me six units of foot, a unit of mounted and dismounted dragoons and six or seven units of horse - alaong with a gun and some generals. These will need some parliamentary opposition so I have bought a plastic set from Warlord. This is just the basic box of 40 infantry to see how they turn out. If I like them then Warlord do good deals on plastics, otherwise I can switch back to metals for the roundheads.

Rules wise I am bringing together ideas from "Victory Without Quarter" for the basics of combat, and some leadership point ideas adapted from Dux Bellorum, along with various other bits & pieces from other rules. However these turn out this gives me some idea of how to organise my armies to produce a gameable collection.

Infantry regiments are based on three 60mm squares, one of pike and command in the centre and two flanking bases of musketeers. These total 20-22 figures representing about 500 men. Horse squadrons have 6 figures based in pairs on three 50mm square bases (150 men or so). Dragoons can dismount two of their bases as a stand of skirmishers - four figures on a 120mm x 40mm base. Artillery are based with a 60mm frontage but I doubt this will be critical. Officers are based on 60mm rounds bases. No base removal will be required in the game, units will be removed as a whole when necessary.

Painting-wise I already had two foot units, a gun and a squadron of horse. To this I have now painted suffcient figures for a greencoated regiment (Tillier's, possibly) and a whitecoated regiment. I now have some scots figures to produce a second whitecoated regiment - these figures will be mixed with those of the first to give two units with a mix of hats, caps and bonnets to give a brigade of Newcastle's foot. I think the collection will end up as a bathtubbed version of Marston Moor, with the royalists haveing units from Rupert's and Newcastle's armies and the oppositin being a mix of parliamentarians and scots. This will also allow me to fight small battles based on the relief of Newark.

Thats all the musings for now. Once I have the remainign whitecoats finished I'll do some basing and photography.


Monday, 6 August 2012


Hello all. I'm half way through my holiday and have survived the seaside. Over the weekend I have finished off the dipping, varnishing and first stage of basing/rebasing for my numidians as part of the Caesar vs Pompey project. As with the Romans, the final stages of basing will have to wait for a suitable weekend free of distractions but in the meantime I thought I'd pop up some quick photos of the army as it stands.

1. Warriors. A sort of heavy skirmisher troop type rather than the more familiar light infantry or auxilia. These will take a bit of tweaking to get right under whichever rule system(s) I use. The Romans seems to have bee frustrated running after them in the desert.

2. Elephants. The photo is of my "African" elephant. The army also has an indian one. These are converted from Foundry models. The African elephant is from the Carthaginian range and the indian one from the colonial range. The howdahs are scratchbuilt from matchsticks and greenstuff, crewed by numidian javelinmen sans shields. The elephants and crews were painted about 10 years ago unlike the freshly finished warriors.

3. Light Horse. Well, it wouldn't be a numidian army without them, would it?

4. Imitation Legionnaries. To add a little backbomne to the army, or possibly to stand around looking stupid while the lighter troops make a run for it. These are unarmoured legionnary models from the Caesarian range given a suitably "numidian" paintjob. As with the elelphants these were painted a long time ago and have languished in the garage ever since, awaiting their day of glory.

5. The Army. In full battle array, including a line of skirmishing javelinmen thrown forward. There is plenty of stuff here to take on the Romans, or to provide allies for one side or the other in the Roman civil war.

6. The Prince. Maybe even Juba himself. More old paintjobs but I have repainted the shields over the weekend to match the warriors/skirmishers/light horse. The prince is a conversion featuring a numidian light horseman below the waist and a caesarian centurion above. His shiled is from the original Carthaginian version of the converted African elephant. The standard is from some plastic set from Games Workshop, possibly skeletons?

So there you have it. Apart from some flocking, static grass and general titivating I now have a fully functioning Numidian Army and have taken another chunk out of the lead pile.

In the last couple of months I have actually painted almost every Caesarian and Numidian figure that I bought when the range first came out. This really is all down to switching to Army Painter Quick Shade. The effect is very different from my usual layered painting but not necessarily worse and it certainly has helped to get the figures into a playable state.

As my overall plan at the moment is to reduce the size of the unpainted lead pile - as much to free up space as to save money - the next project is probably going to feature those lovely Perry ECW figures. The current thought is to do these all as royalists rather than bits of two armies, then add a Parlaimentarian army either with more Perry, or possibly Warlord plastics.

Partizan is just around the corner by the way, I'll be going with a shopping list to help fill out my various projects and will also be buying a load of new paints. I'll also be helping with the massive Y Gododdin game using Hail Caesar which will feature in the 300th issue of Wargames Illustrated. It should be difficult to miss this game!