ECW Royalist Foot

Hello folks!

I have been beavering away at the lead mountain with the help of Army Painter and have added three new regiments of Royalist foot bringing the total to a more impressive five regiments:

 The additons are:
1. Lamplugh's Regiment of Newcastle's army
 2. Newcastle's Foot (using mainly scottish figures)
 3. Tillier's Foot
These look the business and the Army Painter might not give quite the same effect as multiple layersof highlighting but it is a) not at all bad and b) much quicker for ECW with all the fiddly bows, apostles, etc.

Next step will be the Royalist horse and dragoons before I think what to order for the Parliamentarians.

So long as a crack the rules conundrum I could see this project slowly growing. I can see a bath-tubbed Marston Moor taking shape...


  1. Impressive progress !!!

    Looking realy good !!!

    Best regards Michael

  2. I know absolutely nothing about this period but they look fantastic Steve.Great work.

  3. Very Inspirational. I have a mountain of unpainted Foundry ECW, including some of those Scots. I clearly need to get started on them.

    Greg C.

  4. Lovely looking army. Beautiful bases.

  5. Great work, Steve - I have to agree regarding AP; the results are very acceptable, especially given the time/aggro saved.

  6. Nice looking figures, ECW seems to be gaining ground again at the moment


  7. Lovely stuff. I'm just painting up Perry ECW for Pike and Shotte/A Very Civil War by the Perfect Captain :)

  8. Great looking stuff, must try the AP stuff.

    Best Regards Airhead

  9. Fantastic stuff, did you get round to paintiing up any of the Warlord stuff you bought?

  10. Fantastic looking figures!

  11. You've done a fabulous job! I really love pike bases with loads of banners. Excellent.


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