Monday, 30 July 2007

Tank you and goodnight

Yes, I'm still here and still painting. The 6mm Napoleonics now stretch to a small French Corps plus most of the Imperial Guard circa 1809. Not much point putting photos up though as they all look the same on't screen! I have started on some Austrian Grenadiers, but also need to get some Arthurians done for the Beast's website and as you can see above I have been slowly expanding my Blitzkrieg Commander WW2 forces. The picture shown am M18 Hellcat tank destroyer and an M5A1 light tank. These are battlefront castings painted with a base colour of Vallejo US Olive Drab and lots of drybrushing and washes. I'm currently converting some old Squad Leader and ASL scenarios for use in BKC. Not many are suitable but there are a few gems that with a bit of a tweak should give a challenging game and a change from encounter battles.