Sunday, 8 July 2012

Progress report

No photos today but I thought I'd check in.

I have more or less finished painting the backlog of Caesarian Romans which I bought when first released by Foundry. I now have eight elements of armoured legionaries (four with red shields and four with blue), two units of unarmoured legionaries with blue shields and two with green. The latter can double up as imitation legionaries for the Numidian army of Juba I.

Now I have moved on to the pile of Foundry Numidians. I already have a couple of modified elephants and some light cavalry but now I am adding more light cavalry and a host of light infantry. As I'm planning on fighting battles using Hail Caesar, Impetus and/or modified Dux Bellorum I have been thinking about the basing of these. A few will be done as skirmishers: 4 figures on 120 x 40mm bases but most will probably be based as 8 figures on 120 x 60mm bases to represent a slightly more formed host of javelinmen. These will be a sort of "auxilia" or "heavy skirmisher". When using Dux Bellorum I think I'll treat these as analagous to Bow units but with a shorter range and moving at the same time as skirmishers to enable them to try the kind of feigned flight reported by the Romans.

As the Numidians should be fairly quick to complete and I thought I'd wait on expanding the Romans until Warlord bring out their plastics, I'm now thinking about what else in the lead mountain to work on. Current favourite is the ECW stuff I bought from the Perrys way back when. Now I'm getting the hang of Army Painter quickshade the lead mountain seems a little less daunting...

If not the ECW then I also have a massive pile of AWI figures and smaller piles of Greeks and Crusaders...and 15mm Phyrric and Romans...and 28mm Back of Beyond...and the 6mm Waterloo project...