Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Pictures at last

Well huzzah! (quite literally). I have got some more painting and basing done and finally got round to recharging the camera, so here are shots of the latest French cavalry, starting with a light cavalry general:and here are some light cavalry for him to order about (6th Hussars and 9th Chasseurs from the Army of Italy)

Bessires should be cheered up by the arrival of a second division of cuirassiers:

..and the French right flank at Wagram will be much more secure now that the dragoons have arrived (3 bases, representing the 2 brigades of Grouchy and Pully):

Hope you enjoy!

Monday, 21 July 2008

French Cavalry

OK, having finished off the dragoons and cuirassiers as mentioned, i have knocked out a base of light cavalry comprising the 6th Hussars and 9th Chasseurs a Cheval.

All 6 bases have had sand glued on and will get a coat of ink tonight. Hopefully I can then get them drybrushed and flocked in time for photos on Tuesday night and maybe get some of them into a game on Wednesday.

I'm planning to sort out and prime the first batch of infantry for the French II Corps tonight. Probably enough for 4 or 5 bases of infantry.

I'm working on more small scenarios at present, based on Napoleon's north Italian battles. While it is nice to work towards Wagram etc, club nights are best suited to games of about a dozen bases a side (15-20,000 infantry, 2500-5,000 cavalry and supporting artillery). As with the earlier scenarios I'll post deteils here on the blog.


Monday, 14 July 2008


Another base-worth of dragoon figures finished! I just have another 20 or so dragoons to finish all of Grouchy's corps for Wagram. Then I can finish the basing on the dragoons and cuirassiers (and a couple of generals)

After this it looks like I'll be getting stuck into some more infantry. I'll probably look towards the II Corps (composed of a lot of under-strength 4th battalions). The laternative is to switch back to the Austrians. I'll see how I feel at the end of the week. Of course, I would need to order some more Austrians if I was going to paint them! Perhaps I'll just do the 1 base of grenadiers that I need (and have the figures for) and otherwise concentrate on the French.

Looking at the lead pile I have:
Lots of Bavarians (but don't need more for Aspern or Wagram)
Lots of French infantry
Quite a lot of Austrian heavy cavalry/dragoons/chevauxleger
Artillery for Fr/Aust/Bav



Friday, 11 July 2008

Battle Report

We played out the "Oudinot Attacks" scenario at the club this week. Martin took the French and I had the Austrians.

Again, it proved a challenge for the French to manoevre their forces and then get an attack underway within the time limit. Next time they might do better to just get stuck in right away, rather than trying to turn an Austrian flank. Interstingly, both games so far have seen the French try a right-hook manoevre that has eithe not worked, or only come off at the very last minute.

I think we are all a bit cautious about losses too. I might set the game up at home over the weekend and see how a massed frontal attack goes!

On the painting table: 2 bases of cuirassiers painted and awaiting basing. 1 base of dragoons painted and awaiting basing, 2 bases of dragoons undercoated.


Thursday, 3 July 2008

New Scenario

'ello all

Here is a scenario I am working on. It is based on "1809" a scenario provided on the Grande Armee website. I have made some changes to suit it to my rules and based on a play-through at the club. It is intended to give a challenging game for each side while enabling the rules to be introduced in agame easily completable during a club-night.

Scenario 2

“Oudinot Attacks!”


In this scenario, set in June 1809, General Oudinot has taken command of the French II Corps following the untimely death of Marshall Lannes at the Battle of Aspern-Essling.

Scouting North of the Danube has revealed what seems to be a route around the Austrian army. Napoleon had dispatched Oudinot to explore this potential avenue of attack, exploit it if possible and request reinforcement if a breakthrough seems possible.

The French begin the scenario advancing from the South towards an Austrian covering force.


The French break the Austrian army to win

The Austrians win by remaining unbroken at the end of the game.

Game specifics:

The game begins at 2pm and ends at 10pm. The weather is clear throughout. The battlefield measures 4 feet square



Oudinot (Average)
Breakpoint = 5 units

Reserve units: 3 x FT Art, 1 x Inf Raw SK0

1st Division: 1/6 3 x Inf Tr SK2
2nd Division: 1/6 3 x Inf Tr SK2
3rd Division: 2/6 2 x Inf Vet SK2, 2 x Inf Vet SK3
Cav Division: 2/4 1 x LtCav Vet, 1 x LtCav Tr


Bellegarde (Average)
Breakpoint = 4 units

Reserve units: 3 x FT Art

1st Division: 2/6 4 x Inf Tr SK1
2nd Division: 2/6 4 x Inf Tr SK1, 1 x Inf Vet SK3, 1 x LtCav Vet

Reserve units may be permenantly attached to a division at the start of the game or remain independent. Independent units may not later attach themselves to a division.

Independent reserve units may be moved in a bound if within 8 distance units (DU=6cm) of the CinC at the cost of one command point. There is no need to roll on the command table and they may act as the CinC wishes.