Battle Report

We played out the "Oudinot Attacks" scenario at the club this week. Martin took the French and I had the Austrians.

Again, it proved a challenge for the French to manoevre their forces and then get an attack underway within the time limit. Next time they might do better to just get stuck in right away, rather than trying to turn an Austrian flank. Interstingly, both games so far have seen the French try a right-hook manoevre that has eithe not worked, or only come off at the very last minute.

I think we are all a bit cautious about losses too. I might set the game up at home over the weekend and see how a massed frontal attack goes!

On the painting table: 2 bases of cuirassiers painted and awaiting basing. 1 base of dragoons painted and awaiting basing, 2 bases of dragoons undercoated.