Another base-worth of dragoon figures finished! I just have another 20 or so dragoons to finish all of Grouchy's corps for Wagram. Then I can finish the basing on the dragoons and cuirassiers (and a couple of generals)

After this it looks like I'll be getting stuck into some more infantry. I'll probably look towards the II Corps (composed of a lot of under-strength 4th battalions). The laternative is to switch back to the Austrians. I'll see how I feel at the end of the week. Of course, I would need to order some more Austrians if I was going to paint them! Perhaps I'll just do the 1 base of grenadiers that I need (and have the figures for) and otherwise concentrate on the French.

Looking at the lead pile I have:
Lots of Bavarians (but don't need more for Aspern or Wagram)
Lots of French infantry
Quite a lot of Austrian heavy cavalry/dragoons/chevauxleger
Artillery for Fr/Aust/Bav