Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 Final Score

I've just totted up my painting for the year and I seem to have churned out more than I'd have thought.

Putting aside a couple of 15mm WW2 vehicles most of the output has been 28mm AWI for which I painted or repainted 606 foot, 20 mounted figures, 7 guns and 2 limbers/horses. I also finished a model of the Chew House and have nearly completed Bunker Hill. This is despite a long summer break for holiday and new carpets being fitted. 

I also painted a Division of 6mm Napoleonic Bavarians.

Oh, and in August I got promoted at work.

The rest of 2016 has been a bit screwy for the world but the paintingshed output has been OK.

Best wishes for 2017!

Edit: I forgot that I also painted 24 British AWI artillery crew so the totals are 630 foot, 20 mounted (and one extra horse), 7 guns and 2 limbers with horses. I have just cleaned-up the first 20 figures for 2017...

Breed's Hill (7)

Slow progress, but it is all taking shape.


The breastwork has now received several coats of glue and sand. Once the latest has dried it can get a thick coat of the textured paint that I used on the rest of the hill and redoubt. 

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Breed's Hill (6)

A little more progress.

Green fence paint applied and the breastwork construction has commenced. Both this and the redoubt are removable which means I can use a piece of cloth, etc to turn this into a more mundane hill.

I'll leave this for a week now to dry/harden.


Breed's Hill (5)

Hi all

I made more progress on the hill today; dry brushing the whole thing. It is beginning to look more like a piece of terrain now. The next steps are to put down some cling film and begin to build the breastwork on das clay. Some of the brown areas will get a coat of thin, green fence paint in the same way as my terrain tiles.



 Lastly, the reason for no figures this week is writing a theme and 6 scenarios for an upcoming issue of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy. Here is one of my draft maps:


No vector graphics here, just pencils and a pen. Those nice chaos at WSS will then organise a proper artist to produce the finished maps for publication.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

My Wargaming Week, 4th December 2016

Not much to report this week. I've had a cold so have not done any work in the garage to move the hill along. This is not a problem as I don't need it finished until mid March at the earliest.

Painting has been slow but I have now finished all of the grenadiers I will need for Bunker Hill:

The converged grenadier battalion of 10 under strength companies

The grenadiers of the 63rd and the 2nd Marines to form part of Pigott's flank company battalion:

I have also made progress with the light companies:

Three more to go and the converged battalion will be complete:

The latest addition is a company of 1st Marines. I have simplified the cap badge on these and painted the chain helmets dark red with white "chains". It's all a bit speculative but they look the part.

I do also have 3x six-figure light companies to paint up for Pigott's battalion.

I'm having next week off painting duties however to get some writing done for a magazine article. Then it will be back to the light companies to make way for the three line battalions who will arrive on Christmas morning...