2016 Final Score

I've just totted up my painting for the year and I seem to have churned out more than I'd have thought.

Putting aside a couple of 15mm WW2 vehicles most of the output has been 28mm AWI for which I painted or repainted 606 foot, 20 mounted figures, 7 guns and 2 limbers/horses. I also finished a model of the Chew House and have nearly completed Bunker Hill. This is despite a long summer break for holiday and new carpets being fitted. 

I also painted a Division of 6mm Napoleonic Bavarians.

Oh, and in August I got promoted at work.

The rest of 2016 has been a bit screwy for the world but the paintingshed output has been OK.

Best wishes for 2017!

Edit: I forgot that I also painted 24 British AWI artillery crew so the totals are 630 foot, 20 mounted (and one extra horse), 7 guns and 2 limbers with horses. I have just cleaned-up the first 20 figures for 2017...


  1. That's an impressive output to be sure. Congratulations on the promotion as well. It looks like it was a good year. I hope the next one is better for you.

  2. Very impressive output and a Happy New Year!



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