My Wargaming Week, 4th December 2016

Not much to report this week. I've had a cold so have not done any work in the garage to move the hill along. This is not a problem as I don't need it finished until mid March at the earliest.

Painting has been slow but I have now finished all of the grenadiers I will need for Bunker Hill:

The converged grenadier battalion of 10 under strength companies

The grenadiers of the 63rd and the 2nd Marines to form part of Pigott's flank company battalion:

I have also made progress with the light companies:

Three more to go and the converged battalion will be complete:

The latest addition is a company of 1st Marines. I have simplified the cap badge on these and painted the chain helmets dark red with white "chains". It's all a bit speculative but they look the part.

I do also have 3x six-figure light companies to paint up for Pigott's battalion.

I'm having next week off painting duties however to get some writing done for a magazine article. Then it will be back to the light companies to make way for the three line battalions who will arrive on Christmas morning...


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