Monday, 17 December 2007


No photos today, just some musing.

As I would really like to get some demo games done in 2009 to commemorate the bicentennial of the 1809 Danube campaign I will really have to crack on with the 6mm napoleonics during the next year. At a pottering rate I can turn out roughly 1 base per week for Polemos, so that is a fairly easy 50 bases in the year and probably a few more as there will be the occasional weeks with extra enthusiasm.

This means that if I don't get too side-tracked I should be able to produce 3 small or 2 large corps per side, enough for the smaller battles from the beginning of the campaign. Aspern-Essling might be possible at a stretch, but as I really want to feature Bavarians, then this isn't ideal as they didn't take part in the battle. Wagram is just too big to be a realistic proposition unless I really go overboard on the painting, and I haven't found any figures suitable for Austrian landwehr that are compatible with Baccus.

Anyway, the real interest for me is the first week of the campaign, with the French units scattered all over Bavaria with the Austrians rapidly approaching. In reality Napoleon pulled everything together with hours to spare, but the "what ifs" present lots of interesting scenario ideas.

So bck to the plan. The immidiate aim is to finish off the French corps that I nearly have completed, add a Bavarian Corps and another division of cuirassiers. On the Austrian side I'll finish off the division of grenadiers and possibly add a second, expand the heavy cavalry that I have so far (giving a reserve corps) and then produce two small corps of infantry. I was getting a bit hung up on how to represent Austrian avant-garde (advance guard) units but have decided that I was overthinking things and will just field them as a unit of infantry with plenty of skirmishers backed up by a unit of light cavalry. Both armies changed organisation through the campaign so there seems no point in getting too worried about the finer points!

I'm really looking forward to having enough stuff finished to try out a small Polemos game, this should be possible by February and this will hopefully keep the enthusiasm going.


Wednesday, 12 December 2007


Some more catching up...

Here are the rebased Austrian cavalry units that I have completed to date. Firt up are Uhlans, then two units of hussars and two of curassiers. These are followed by two command bases, one cavalry and one divisional/korps command for the infantry. Lastly come three batteries of artillery (two of foot artiller on a 40mm frontage and one of cavalry artillery on a 30mm frontage). I use the frontage distinction to make it easier to tell which batteries are which and will do the same for the French, i.e. foot on 40mm, horse on 30mm.

I have Austrian grenadiers on the table at the moment. One base is all glued up and textured, I have almost finished painting the infantry for the next - all as "german" grenadiers, and will start on a base of hungarian grenadiers next. This will give me a division of grenadiers to join the cuirassier units in the army reserve.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Le Garde

Some bits and bobs of French Imperial Guard here. I actually finished these while the blog was "off air" and they have sat in a box for a few months. In order, the pictures show bases of guard heavy cavalry (gendarmes and empress dragoons), guard light cavalry (chasseurs a cheval and polish lancers) and Old Guard infantry (grenadiers in front, chasseurs behind).

Before anyone comments, I know that the poes didn't use lances until after 1809, but as with the carabiniers posted in the summer I am more interested in the look of the thing and my poles are going to be lancers come what may :-)

Happy painting!

Wednesday, 5 December 2007


I dunno, you wait months then you get two new posts!
Here are some 40K things that I have been toying with over the last few months. I don't really enjoy 40K but am tempted to do some skirmishy-type games with it, or adapt Lord of the Rings to include heavy bolters. Mainly I just like painting a few of the figures without feeling I have to churn out a whole army.
The space marines have been painted in a "Sharpe and Harper" of the 95th stylee and have deathwatch bits an pieces added on, whereas the Kasrkin stormtuppen have more of a WW2 vibe. The bases all need finishing and the stormtroopers antennae and weaponry need finishing. I'm not too sure about the wood and brass effect.
These are also my first attempt at "proper" non-metallic-metal. The stormtrooper sarge looks better on the photo than in the flesh - in fact the sword in the photo looks pretty good I think. The space marines are less convincing but it gives a nice comic-book look. The commanders bionic arm does have a final glaze with silver though, as do the metal shoulder pads.

1. Riflemarine Harris

2. Chapter Sergeant Major Harper

3. Marine Captain Sharpe

4. Sgt Hassle and da boyz


Tuesday, 4 December 2007

I'm back!

After a long hiatus filledwith studying and general life stuff, here are the latest efforts to emerge from the painting table. This time it is 15mm WW2 Poles, based for Blitzkrieg Commander. Here is a shot of the currently completed stuff to which I will add bits and pieces as I feel the need:

And here are some close ups of specific bits:

The troops and most of the vehicles are from True North in the US and they are very nice, although the model AT guns and vehicles I found unecesarily fiddly to assemble. The TP7 tanks are from LKM direct in the UK and were much easier to put together but I'm not totally satisfied with them as they look a little "squashed flat" when compared with photos of the real thing.
I have a few infantry left to finish and these will probably end up as engineers.
In the new year I may cave in and order the True North TP7s and some cavalry, but lets see how the army fights on the table first. Tally ho!

Monday, 30 July 2007

Tank you and goodnight

Yes, I'm still here and still painting. The 6mm Napoleonics now stretch to a small French Corps plus most of the Imperial Guard circa 1809. Not much point putting photos up though as they all look the same on't screen! I have started on some Austrian Grenadiers, but also need to get some Arthurians done for the Beast's website and as you can see above I have been slowly expanding my Blitzkrieg Commander WW2 forces. The picture shown am M18 Hellcat tank destroyer and an M5A1 light tank. These are battlefront castings painted with a base colour of Vallejo US Olive Drab and lots of drybrushing and washes. I'm currently converting some old Squad Leader and ASL scenarios for use in BKC. Not many are suitable but there are a few gems that with a bit of a tweak should give a challenging game and a change from encounter battles.


Sunday, 17 June 2007

Napoleonics in 6mm

Hurrah, finally got round to taking some noew photos! Here is the start of my Napoleonic French army for Polemos, using Baccus figures, aiming mainly at the 1809 Danube campaign. The first two photos are of carabiniers and cuirassiers of Nansouty's heavy cavalry division

Then comes Pire's light cavalry brigade

...and finally the start of an infantry corps. The artillery are on a 40mm x 30mm base, a little larger than the 30mm square in the rules, but I think it looks better so I am going with 40mm frontage for foot artillery and 30mm for horse artillery

On the table next are another 3 bases worth of french infantry and I have to finish the basing on a second brigade of light cavalry. The aim for the first phase is to get 9 bases of line infantry, 3 of legere (light infantry), a couple of artillery bases, the cavalry I have already completed, a bavarian infantry division and some bavarian cavalry finished. Then I'll think about the Austrians :-)

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Still here!

Back to work, back to studying has slowed down the blogging. This week I have been mostly painting 6mm napoleonic cavalry. Pics later.

I haven't lost interest in the crusades, but it is nice to have several projects to switch between, and no self-imposed deadlines.


Saturday, 2 June 2007


Progress on those first four crusader foot:The flag and pole need finishing off, but they are almost done.

Friday, 1 June 2007


Just a catch up on the crusader progress...

First photo today shows the latest maounted figures to be finished. The blue & white chap will be the leader of a unit of similarly coloured knights, with the intention of this representing a conrois of cavalry belonging to a single household, in the same way as the first unit of knights I painted does. The other figure is likely to form part of a unit of secular knights with varied colour schemes. No weapons yet as I haven't decided what I want. The second guy (yellow & green) might end up as a standard bearer.

The second photo shows the beginning of my first foot unit, colour scheme based on the kingdom of Jurusalem forces from "Kingdom of Heaven". These are Gripping Beast figures from a unit pack of El-Cid armoured spearmen. The right-hand figure has had his round shield swapped for a heater-shaped one. This will happen to more figures in the unit to help them look more 3rd-Crusade-ish and less Norman/El-Cid. The cast on shields are total bum to remove, but the effort is worth it I think.
Hopefully the firt four will turn out OK. I'm giving up painting whole units at once. I find that 1-2 mounted or up to 4 foot is plenty to cope with at once if I want to maintain the quality of the paintwork.


Thursday, 31 May 2007

This week I have been mostly...

..knackered, being on holiday has that effect on me.

Partizan was good at the weekend, although we didn't really get much of the game played! I picked up some more stuff for the Crusades from Gripping Beast, lots of books on the Crusades from Hersants, MDF bases and some valejo paints from Mike at Stronghold.

I also picked up a few more Arthurians to paint up for the Beastie web pages and got those out of the way first. They are painted in the sam way as the step-by-step arthurians from last month and they came out quite well. The Heroes pack (ABR08) is always a challenge, particularly as I have never got on with the chap pointing with his shield strapped to his back. He always looks to "viking" and I never get an arthurain vibe from him. In the end he came out alright, but I had several attempts at his tunic before settling on the purple.

The parade helmet chap came out very nicely. This was prepared in the "non-metallic metal followed by a silver glaze" method, and it really brings out the sculpting of the piece. This figure is also tricky because his shield is so tall and narrow it doesn't take most shield designs well. In the end I opted for a blue boar below the boss.

The second pack, ABR07, was a much more straightforward proposition. Again, see the step-by-step from May for the techniques. The only addition is painting the chaonmail. I always do this first as it involves a lot of messy drybrushing. In this cas I drybrushed on successive layers of charcoal grey, dove grey and metallic white. (all Anita's Acrylics) followed by a thinned black ink wash. The metallic white is quite find. It gives a much more "silver" effect than silver paint at this scale and I will be using it a lot for this kind of work.

More crusaders next!

Thursday, 24 May 2007

Lionheart WIP (4)

All done apart from the basing - or close enough anyway.
Not a bad result, but I'm gald I only have to paint him once.
Sorting out for Partizan tomorrow, say hi if you are passing the Back of Beyond game on Sunday. Blog will resume next week!

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Lionheart WIP (3)

I bit the bullet and added the lions to the barding. I'm getting the hang of them now and they came out OK (the other side is done too, but you'll have to take my word for it). The critical thing os to positon them correctly. I paint in the head first, starting with the top one of the three, then the bottom one, then fitting the middle one in-between. The diagram below shows how I go about building up the shape and adding highlights.

I have also started to paint in the cloak. You can't really see, but it has a basecoat of GW Regal Bluse, then this is virtually all covered with ultramarines blue, then washed with 50/50 of the regal and ultramarine, then washed with 90/10 regal/ultramarine. Highlighting will be added tomorrow and maybe a border.

Monday, 21 May 2007

Back to the Crusades - WIP 2

Painting the lions on the figure is quite an intensive bit of work, so progress looks a bit slow. I painted for 45 mins to an hour tonight and basically painted 6 lions, 3 each on the shield and tabard. I also gilded the front of the helmet in a NMM gold stylee.

In all cases the colours were mixed from a base of bestial brown, through snakebite leather gradually adding in desert yellow and Cream (all but the cream being GW, the cream being Anita's acrylics). I think they came out pretty well, but I might glaze the gold on the helmet tomorrow with a bit of gold&PVA. I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

I now need to paint more lions in the barding, or chicken out and just do a fancy gold border...or both. Hmm, a headache either way


Sunday, 20 May 2007

Back to the Crusades - WIP

OK, so my crusaders need a general, and who better than the Lionheart himself. Here is the work-in-progress shot for this evening.
The metallic areas were built up from a series of lighter drybrushes, starting with wedgewood blue and dove grey, building up to cream and then silver. These were followed by a wash with charcoal paint, then another silver drybrush, then a glaze of PVA, silver and black. Some of the helmet will later be picked out in a gold effect.
The red areas were built up in blended layers, starting with burnt sienna, then gradually adding in raspberry, up to pure raspberry, then gradually adding in GW blazing orange, up to blazing orange on its own. The layers were painted on using very thin paint, to aid the blending between layers, and to avoid the whole thing looking too orange, rather than highlighted red. The photo looks a little more orange than the actual thing.
More tomorrow

Blasts from the past

A couple of folks have asked about painting techniques following the Arthurian pictures. Here is a mixed bag of some stuff from a few years back. The gallic warband are Essex 15mm, part of an aborted DBM army with a silly level of stripes and checks on their clothing. I've never really had the enthusiasm to paint up any more to match. The gallic cavalryman is a Foundry 28mm figure sculpted by Mark Copplestone, part of a unit that attaches itself to my Caesarian Romans.
The greek musician is another Foundry figure, sculpted by Steve Saleh, painted when the "World of the Greeks" range was first released, and Foundry still dominated the world. I included this so show how I painted the bronze armour on this army. The undercoat was red-oxide spray, the base colour was Citadel Brazen Brass, this was highlighted with Folk-Art Metallic Pure Gold and further highlighted by mixing the gold with some silver. Once dry the whole thing was glazed with a mixture of varnish, yellow ink and (if I recall) a tiny amount each of chestnut and brown inks. My painting has come on a bit since I did this chap, but I think the bronze is about as good as I have done. I might have to experiment with a NMM + glaze approach as I have been trying for the more silvery colours.
Crusader general undercoated, I think I might go for a Richard the Lionheart look - If I can work out how to paint lions...

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Arthurians for the Beast: Part 5

OK, here is the final instalment, starting with the work-up on the spears. First come base coats of bestial brown and charcoal for the shaft and head respectively:Each is then given a first highlight. The spear shaft gets short strokes of snakebite leather, while the spearhead gets wedgewood blue (as with painting the helmets): The next level involves Coffee on top of the snakebite leather and a mix of cream and weggewood blue for the spear head:

The spearhead is then finally highlighted with cream and then with white, both are shown in the following picture

The finishing touch is a thin wash of PVA and brown ink on the spearshaft - for colour tinting and to strengthen the hand-spear joint, and a thin wash of PVA, black paint and silver paint on the spearshaft:

Lastly the bases are finished off with a variety of browns and some static grass, glued on with PVA
The helmets, bosses and spearheds had a final finish of gloss varnish&PVA lightly washed onto the highlight areas

This last picture came out really well. I'm pretty pleased overall with the paintwork on these figures and hopefully the beastie boys (TM) will like them when I hand them over at Partizan.

I hope this has been of interest to some folks out there, thanks for the kind comments. It'll probably be a while before I post a full tutorial again as it is very tome consuming, but this one has been fun!

A big bag of beastie crusaders now awaits my attention