Lionheart WIP (3)

I bit the bullet and added the lions to the barding. I'm getting the hang of them now and they came out OK (the other side is done too, but you'll have to take my word for it). The critical thing os to positon them correctly. I paint in the head first, starting with the top one of the three, then the bottom one, then fitting the middle one in-between. The diagram below shows how I go about building up the shape and adding highlights.

I have also started to paint in the cloak. You can't really see, but it has a basecoat of GW Regal Bluse, then this is virtually all covered with ultramarines blue, then washed with 50/50 of the regal and ultramarine, then washed with 90/10 regal/ultramarine. Highlighting will be added tomorrow and maybe a border.


  1. This is great stuff Steve. The lion tutorial is great. Thanks for posting it.


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