Blasts from the past

A couple of folks have asked about painting techniques following the Arthurian pictures. Here is a mixed bag of some stuff from a few years back. The gallic warband are Essex 15mm, part of an aborted DBM army with a silly level of stripes and checks on their clothing. I've never really had the enthusiasm to paint up any more to match. The gallic cavalryman is a Foundry 28mm figure sculpted by Mark Copplestone, part of a unit that attaches itself to my Caesarian Romans.
The greek musician is another Foundry figure, sculpted by Steve Saleh, painted when the "World of the Greeks" range was first released, and Foundry still dominated the world. I included this so show how I painted the bronze armour on this army. The undercoat was red-oxide spray, the base colour was Citadel Brazen Brass, this was highlighted with Folk-Art Metallic Pure Gold and further highlighted by mixing the gold with some silver. Once dry the whole thing was glazed with a mixture of varnish, yellow ink and (if I recall) a tiny amount each of chestnut and brown inks. My painting has come on a bit since I did this chap, but I think the bronze is about as good as I have done. I might have to experiment with a NMM + glaze approach as I have been trying for the more silvery colours.
Crusader general undercoated, I think I might go for a Richard the Lionheart look - If I can work out how to paint lions...


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