Back to the Crusades - WIP

OK, so my crusaders need a general, and who better than the Lionheart himself. Here is the work-in-progress shot for this evening.
The metallic areas were built up from a series of lighter drybrushes, starting with wedgewood blue and dove grey, building up to cream and then silver. These were followed by a wash with charcoal paint, then another silver drybrush, then a glaze of PVA, silver and black. Some of the helmet will later be picked out in a gold effect.
The red areas were built up in blended layers, starting with burnt sienna, then gradually adding in raspberry, up to pure raspberry, then gradually adding in GW blazing orange, up to blazing orange on its own. The layers were painted on using very thin paint, to aid the blending between layers, and to avoid the whole thing looking too orange, rather than highlighted red. The photo looks a little more orange than the actual thing.
More tomorrow


  1. Now that there is some good looking red. Gotta get hold of some of that raspberry action.

    Nice work Steve.

    Stay lucky,


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