French Cavalry

OK, having finished off the dragoons and cuirassiers as mentioned, i have knocked out a base of light cavalry comprising the 6th Hussars and 9th Chasseurs a Cheval.

All 6 bases have had sand glued on and will get a coat of ink tonight. Hopefully I can then get them drybrushed and flocked in time for photos on Tuesday night and maybe get some of them into a game on Wednesday.

I'm planning to sort out and prime the first batch of infantry for the French II Corps tonight. Probably enough for 4 or 5 bases of infantry.

I'm working on more small scenarios at present, based on Napoleon's north Italian battles. While it is nice to work towards Wagram etc, club nights are best suited to games of about a dozen bases a side (15-20,000 infantry, 2500-5,000 cavalry and supporting artillery). As with the earlier scenarios I'll post deteils here on the blog.