Available at last: Rebellion!

Well, after years of waiting my first solo-authored book is now available from Warlord Games.

Rebellion! is a supplement for the Black Powder rules, covering the American War of Independence (or American Rebellion or American Revolution, take your pick).

I am really pleased with how the finished book has turned out.

Now I'm off to juggle three current projects to carry me through the Autumn:
  1. More AWI militia in readiness for Guilford Courthouse at Salute (I have enough, I just want to revamp them and add some new command stands)
  2. "Chain of Command", 15mm Americans vs Germans in the Southern France campaign of 1944 - having just read Jeff Danby's excellent "Day of the Panzer"
  3. 28mm Ancients with the "Sword and Spear" rules.


  1. Steve. Very nice book; I like it. Thanks. Colin

  2. Great stuff Steve.

    I'll be ordering one very soon.

    Great to see that the book is out matey.


  3. It's a good book, but I think they could've put your name on the cover.

  4. Congratulations, Steve! Great to have a book in print on a subject you are passionate about.

  5. Well done, Steve - I can't wait to see this. Did you get some French photos sorted out in the end?

  6. Congratulations! Looking forward to my copy arriving!


  7. Thanks all.

    Gaz, it seems standard that authors don't get on the front of their supplements. It was the same for "Age of Arthur".

    Giles, not really, but I did get a good photo of my French military advisers - actually old Copplestone sculpted Prussian officers from Foundry with a suitable paintjob. Even the twins don't seem to have French units. At least no one asked for Spanish troops!

    Colin, I tried to leave a comment on your blog but the tech wasn't playing nicely.

    Thanks all for the kind comments.


  8. Just got the book now and colour me impressed! I did not expect the content to be so full. Excellent guide to uniforms and full with scenario's. Very well done!

    One question please in the lists when it mentions units and composition (ie. Grenadiers 60th foot 2 Grenadier Companies) does this mean one unit comprised of two companies or two separate Grenadier units?


  9. As you may gather from my review I love the book! Great show, mr Jones!


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