Planning for the Summer

Only a week until Partizan, so I need to make sure I have all the Wagram troops organised and packed ready for the trip to Kelham Hall.
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Otherwise, I have taken the last few weeks to ponder what I want to work on over the next few months. I'm not looking to start any new projects and most of my gaming fun in the last couple of years has come from my grand-tactical napoleonic 6mm stuff and my 15mm WW2 games using Blitzkrieg Commander. As a result I am planning to stick to developing 6mm British napoleonic forces (for Waterloo) and expanding my 15mm WW2 armies and terrain.

I have been unsure with the WW2 stuff whether to expand my NE Europe 1944 stuff or the 1940 NE Europe collection. After some thought I have opted for 1944 with an emphasis on the bocage fighting following D-Day. I already have roughly a battalion each of US and German infantry along with supporting armour. Before getting more troops and vehicles I want to get some specific scenery built, so I think a lot of June will be occupied by building quite a lot of hedges and trees. I'll also try to get enough extra woods & defences done to allow a smooth transition to the Ardennes.

As I like small-ish games there will be no need to go mad, but I think expanding forces to 2 battalions a side, plus some decent armour options will be a good summer project. I'll probably look to expand the US with extra infantry and some paratroopers as well as adding some more shermans and M10s. The Germans will receive either some SS infantry or paratroopers along with some PzIVs, STuGs and Panthers. But I MUST get some terrain finished first.

My Partizan shopping list looks like being some 6mm Brit naps, a few bits of 15mm WW2 US and Germans and whatever terrain bits catch my eye.