Impetus plans

Well, I survived Legoland with the kids and my order for MDF bases from East Riding has arrived with its usual alacrity so I have been busy getting all my 28mm arthurian figures out of their boxes with a view to rebasing for Impetus.

Not much to report so far. I think I'll aim to complete one base at a time (120mm frontage), each having 5-7 cavalry or 12-14 infantry (or a small number of skirmishers). For each base I'll touch up the paintwork on the figures before basing and I'll put photos on the blog as things progress. There is no rush with the project and I can intersperse this with bits & bobs of 6mm ant other projects.

As well as the arthurians I also have plenty of 28mm caesarian romans and ancient greeks, so these will probably also get the same treatment in time.



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