Post-Partizan Garage Clearout

Partizan was a lot of fun. My Wagram game went down well, although it was a bit of a push as due to illness I had to game it solo for most of the day!

For regular games I wouldn't normally play something quite as large as Wagram, and it is difficult to keep up the momentum in a show environment. I am tempted to arrange a one-day Sunday event in Newark sometime in the next 12 months to play through Wagram in its entirety with some interested gamers and without distractions. Post a comment to this blog entry if you think you might be interested in this. 3 players a side should be adequate.

Purchases at the show were more or less limited to pre-orders. 6mm napoleonic British from Baccus and some terrain bits & bobs from Timecast. I did succumb to some Baccus ECW as well, purchasing just a few pieces to make up some test bases for "Basic Baroque", the pike and shot expansion for the Impetus rules. I have added Impetus to my 2009 project list as I have been enthused by the Basic Impetus rules that can be downloaded for free.

The initial plan is to try out Impetus with my 28mm Arthurians and Baroque with 6mm ECW (I do also have some 28mm ECW in a semi completed state, so I could go for either scale, or both, in the fullness of time)

Today, I have been tidying the garage to sort out my terrain and figure storage. I unearthed all manner of forgotten projects including a hue pile of Foundry Caesarian Romans, which are likely to be added to the Impetus project if the experiment with the Arthurians goes well.

So, after Partizan set-up on Saturday, the show yesterday and the garage today I am well and truly exhausted!

I also found time today to go to the local car boot sale, and picked up a copy of "La Grande Armee", a french history of napoleon's army, for £3. It will be interesting to read about some of my favourite campaigns from the gallic viewpoint!


  1. Steve,
    Just wanted to say what a privilege it was to see your fantastic Wagram game yesterday at Partizan. I took the liberty of snapping a few shots and posting them up on my blog.

    Look forward to seeing you again at 'The Other Partizan'.

    Kind Regards


  2. Steve,

    I think that you will like Impetus as a ruleset. We've played it in Arthurians, Anglo-Danish, Saxon and Norman and also The Great Italian Wars and all the games we have played have been very satifactory. It's a lot of fun too as you still have a similar anticipation factor when it comes to dice rolling.

    Well worth giving it a try IMHO. Just don't tell Guy that I said so. :0)



  3. Hi Steve,

    Couldn't make it to Partizan to see day 2 but was thoroughly impressed with Day 1 at Salute. I'd love to take part in your refight if you manage to arrange it. Please let me know!

    Kind Regards



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