Casual playtesting (3)

This is the final post about the mini-scenario recreating some elements of Freeman's Farm.

Action opened today with Hamilton's brigade facing Poor and Morgan, with the redcoats being supported by parts of Fraser's column arriving to harrass the rebel left flank. Morgan's riflemen had combined into a single unit of 24 figures and had formed into close order in two ranks in anticipation of the British moving more assertively through the woods.

Morgan reacted to Fraser's arrival by diverting Dearborn's light battalion and one unit of Connecticut militia to cover the flank. The milita absorbed damage, opting to keep redressing their ranks as men fell from the rifle fire of the marksmen, while Dearborn manoeuvered to launch a charge on the outnumbered and outclassed loyalists.

Despite numerous advantages, Dearborn could only manage a drawn melee, resulting in simultaneous morale checks. The loyalist fell back across the fence into the open fields but Dearborn suffered a worse fate and his battalion routed. That could have gone much better...

Emboldened by this, Hamilton saw an opportunity to push his brigade forward and proceded to charge the units to his front, pausing only to volley when activation rolls allowed. Seeing the men of the 20th lacking a bit of gusto, Hamilton moved into contact to lend moral support.

This action proved decisive. On the British left wing the 62nd ploughed into and through Morgan's rifles, scattering them to oblivion. To their right the 20th appeared to be held up by the 2nd NH until Hamilton committed all of his available momentum points to tip the balance (and avoiding any nasty accidents while doing so) forcing the rebels to fall back. Finally the 9th forced a retreat from the 1st NH.

With the whole rebel force now on the back foot, Poor and Morgan decided that discretion was the better part of valour today and ordered their men to fall back before risking greater loss. 

Rules thoughts:
  1. I seem to have forgotten to add the modifiers for unit size to the melee section (or am just not seeing them when I re-read it). I'll check and amend.
  2. Really liking the momentum point mechanism. Generation of new points works well if achieved by routing enemy or achieving the maximum three damage points when volleying at short range (can call it "devastating volley" if it needs a name). Makes sense to generate momentum for your army in this way. Still won't generate a huge number of points and generally these will erode over the game more than they accrue. Will add something about only being able to use momentum in a melee if the commander joins the unit and this will put him at greater risk of being wounded or killed. 
  3. Tried (and liked) leaving commander movement (and attaching to units) then melee resolution until after all other actions have been completed. 
So, look out for a rules amendment imminently as the above points are clarified or incorporated.

The I'll contemplate a fresh situation/scenario.