Cracking Caumont (2): The Probe

To give myself a feel for the rules I put two small recon forces on the table this morning.

Forces and Plans

The US had a pair of M8 Greyhound armoured cars supported by three recon rifle teams in jeeps.

The Germans has a PSW222 armoured car, SPW250/10 with a 37mm AT gun and a SPW 250/1 carrying a recon MG team.

The US entered along the road from the bridge and the Germans started in town.

The US plan was to dismount their infantry to occupy the woods to their centre-front from where they could observe the outskirts of town. The M8s were to push along the road but to exercise caution and not stray too far from the infantry.

The German plan was to push forward aggressively using the rear of Cafe Rene as a base for their MG team, this being the building on the very edge of town with a good field of fire across the open ground to the woods on the ridge.

How did it play?

Well, the dice gods did not favour the Wehrmacht. Possibly an attempt by lady luck to reflect their poor state of supply. In contrast the lead M8 appeared to benefit from a laser targeting system, rapidly dispatching the incautious 222 and later taking out the 250/10 when it had failed to get its shot in first. Both of the German halftracks also went low on ammo with their first shots of the game. This left the recon MG team feeling somewhat unsupported despite having broken two of the three US rifle teams and forcing them to skulk back in the woods near their jeeps. 

As a result of this small US victory they will be able to use the woods on the ridge as jump-off points for the main action rather than having to enter from the board edge. It's not a huge advantage but will help to reduce the German opportunity fire they would otherwise suffer from as they moved into position.

So, a bit of of a one-sided result? I suppose so, but the action was fierce and everything was concluded in just three turns. The 250/10 vs M8 duel could easily have gone the other way, and the other M8 failed to hit anything. With one small game under my belt I'm really pleased with Fireball Forward and am getting the hang of the basics of the system.

Here's more shots of the game:

US recon forces occupy the woods after taking out the PSW222:

German recon MG team and its 250/1 transport holding the rear of Cafe Rene:

The 250/10 edges round the corner of the Cafe, and will soon wish it hadn't...

Two US rifle teams have routed to the rear of the woods and are taking time to rally, but the flanking M8s offer some protection:

Overview of the game end with the US controlling the woods and two of the three German vehicles destroyed:

Let's hope the Germans bring some ammunition to the main battle...