Hobkirk's Hillish.. (somewhat like Hobkirk's Hill)...part 1


With a few evenings of playtesting rules in the context of 1775 I was keen to try out the amendments in a scenario with troop types more "usual" to the War of Independence. Using broadly the same terrain I moved the trees around and swapped the troops for an order of battle based heavily on Hobkirk's Hill (April 1781). 

This sees General Nathaneal Greene's two brigades of continental troops attacked by a mixed bag of loyalists and regulars under Lord Rawdon. The sides are well balanced to give a challenging game with a range of unit size and quality.

You can find a list of the latest amendments in the Bloodybacks 8 page on this blog.

Here are some photos of the action:

The starting positions (Crown forces at the bottom, Rebels at the top)
Greene has his Virginia brigade on his right and the Marylanders (higher quality but with impaired stamina) on the right. His reserve consists of Washington's light dragoons and a battalion of militia.
Rawdon has the 63rd Foot on his right and the 2/84th on the left. Between these are various loyalists units including the Volunteers of Ireland, King's Americans and South Carolina Royalists. The loyalist cavalry are of a distinctly poor quality despite their snazzy uniforms.

The position after a few turns play (20-30 minutes in "game time"). The 2/84th are punching above their weight despite being badly let down by the loyalist dragoons. The 63rd Foot are doing less well after an over enthusiastic charge into the 1st Maryland that they got the worst of and have needed to recover from.

The South Carolina Royalists with Volunteers of Ireland to their right.

The 2nd Maryland battalion. A first line unit but with only three stamina points in this scenario, making them a bit brittle if luck turns against them.

General Greene looks on...

The continental artillery have two sections of 6-pounders, positioned between the two infantry brigades. So far they have pummelled the King's Americans with cannister.

Another look at the South Carolina Royalists now they have moved out of the woods.

The 2/84th Foot. Low in numbers, high in quality and proving potent.

William Washington's light dragoons. Thus far they have rather let themselves down. Having failed to close with the very disrupted 63rd Foot they then pivoted against the loyalist picquet line and failed to close again...leaving their flank open to be enfiladed by cannister. Embarrasing and currently licking their wounds behind the 1st Maryland.

...speaking of whom, here are the 1st Maryland. Greene's best troops but they are exhausted.

The Volunteers of Ireland face off against the 2nd Maryland. Their first charge was repulsed and Lord Rawdon took a light wound.

The battle line at the half-way stage.

Another view of the Volunteers and 2nd Maryland, from the other side.

Another look at the loyalist starting deployment. Hope they fight as well as they look.

Huger's Virginia brigade

63rd Foot in their starting position, with some foot dragoons skirmishing ahead as a picquet line

View from behind the 4th Virginia

A view along the battle lines as the Crown forces began their advance

The 4th Virginia prepare to repel the South Carolina Loyalists...assuming they get that far...

Rugby to watch this afternoon, so more games tomorrow...probably!


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