Eutaw Springs for #PartizanintheCloud

 Yes, sadly another planned Partizan show in Newark can’t go ahead due to infection prevention measures still being in place. So instead of being there with a table, terrain and model armies I have again produced a “virtual” demonstration game, this time of Eutaw Springs. As with all good demo games it includes background material to explain things as well as lots of video and images of miniature warfare (and lots of cotton wool too!}. 

As with the Hubbardton video I produced last time, please tell me what you think. While I look forward to getting back to real shows I’m also considering keeping going with the videos both as stand-alone items and also to supplement and preview physically presented games. 

Here it is then, Eutaw Springs. The culmination of 32 years of planning! I hope you enjoy it. Stay safe!


Neil Patterson said…
Very professional.
One comment; the figures that appear when discussing the magazine articles are Hinchliffe rather than Rafm. Rafm had a range for the F&IW.

As a wargamer I think I would have liked some commentary on the figures used and comments about the units, colour schemes and any snippets of information, such as "wore buckskin" "green facings" and that sort of thing.......
Well that was fantastic Steve! I very much enjoyed that. I think I might need to re-base my figures like yours as I like how the figures are not so regimented on their bases and have a more natural free flowing effect as the overall impression is one of movement. Really great!

Fire at Will said…
Thanks, I enjoyed it immensely
Matt Crump said…
Thanks Steve, a brilliant production which I really enjoyed . Your collection, terrain and approach are a testament to your dedication. I really enjoyed your background and prebattle discussion and history. As I say for those who are really interested in AWI it is a gem. Two things I would feedback to perhaps consider, firstly the music become annoying after a while, I know it is more time and effort but I would have preferred more of your commentary and thoughts. Secondly whilst I loved it I would say for most 40plus minutes is a little long whilst I get the desire to show the development of the battle turn by turn it inevitably needs a little more pace. It may be these two comments are related as with less of the crescendo music and more commentary I might have been say making it longer !😀 anyway a great effort thanks for your efforts and inspiration👍I’ll get back to painting some Hessians