Ships ahoy!

 While on my Easter break I have put together a couple of 1/700 ships from the Warlord Games “Black Seas” range. I’ve stared with frigates as it seemed reasonable to start with medium sized ships. As much as anything these have been an experiment in painting ad rigging. The latter is something I’ve never attempted before and I can see why at 3-4 hours per ship!

Ultimately I’m pleased with these as first attempts. I have a further frigate to complete along with six brigs. I’ve also bought a box of three third-rate ships of the line but suspect I’ll just start with one of these for now. 

Rules wise I’m not convinced by Black Seas and am reading with interest the pre-release version of “Mad for War” from The League of Augsburg. While intended for the late 17th and early 18th century I think they’ll be OK for my amateur level of AWI-era naval gaming. 

Firstly a British frigate:

Secondly a non-British frigate. Sort of French but could be pressed into Continental service at a push or even be a captured vessel under British command:


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