South Carolina mounted loyalists and Major Coffin (Eutaw Springs, 1781)

 To round out the Crown’s OOB for Eutaw Springs we have Major John Coffin and some mounted South Carolina loyalists. I have modelled the latter as the yellow faced South Carolina Royalists who briefly converted from infantry to a mostly mounted unit around this time; but there’s a large degree of assumption on my part. 

Coffin was commissioned as an ensign following some heroism as a civilian ferrying British troops away from Breed’s Hill in 1775. He was later raised to brevet major and commanded NY loyalists. However at Eutaw Springs his command seems to have been South Carolinian mounted loyalists - either mounted infantry or light dragoons. 

The Coffin figure is a paintbrush conversion of a Perry figure from the “Lee’s Legion dragoon command” pack. The loyalists started out as Foundry AWI continental light dragoons and have been converted using spare metal arms from Perry continental light dragoons and heads/hats/hand/muskets from the AWI Perry plastic infantry box. The officer’s helmet is a conversion from 20 years ago using greenstuff as he used to lead my first version of Tarleton’s British Legion cavalry. 


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