63rd Foot (Eutaw Springs, 1781)

 I’ve noticed that I’d overlooked posting pictures of the final British unit for Eutaw Springs. 

The 63rd fought as a whole or in part in a number of southern battles. While I only need 8 figures or so for Eutaw, I have painted a 20 figure unit to allow for use elsewhere. These are Perry British figures in cut down coats from the firing line and standing command packs. Flags are from GMB with finials from Front Rank. Bases are 2mm MDF from Warbases.


  1. More lovely work they form a splendid unit 👍

  2. Outstanding work on a overlooked regiment that saw much service in the southern campaign. Well done!

  3. Very nice Steve they look great!


  4. Smashing, looking forward to more from Eutaw!


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