2/84th Foot - Royal Highland Emigrants, Eutaw Springs, 1781

 The 2nd battalion of the 84th Foot (a former loyalist regiment taken on to the regular establishment) served in the southern campaign and a small detachment formed from various companies was present at Eutaw Springs.

For this unit I have used King's Mountain Miniatures which are available in the UK from Galloping Major. I have however used a bagpiper from a Perry command pack and created an officer by swapping the head on another Perry figure.

By this stage of the war it seems that the highland plaid had been replaced with brown overalls, but I have permitted the unit leader to retain his tartan trews, in Black Watch/Government Sett tartan as these were the years before the range of tartans exploded somewhat.

I'm really pleased with how figures from the two manufacturers work together when painted and based. I'm also grateful that I bought magnifying goggles a while ago!


  1. following my comment on the 64th....this unit is breathtakingly well done and all that tartan! Magnificent...I'm looking forward to the game!!

  2. These are stunning Steve , really beautiful ....no way I am ever achieving tartan like that 👍

  3. Absolutely brilliant- minis and painting!!!!


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