DeLancey's New York Loyalists (Eutaw Springs, 1781)


This is my latest unit; a battalion of DeLancey's brigade of New York Loyalists. During the war DeLancey's men wore various uniforms but I have opted for the red coats and green facings that they might have been wearing in September 1781 at the Battle of Eutaw Springs.

I have used 28mm Perry Miniatures figures. In this case these are metal figures of British infantry in cut-down coats, advancing. The flags are from GMB and began as the ones intended for the Volunteers of Ireland. I overpainted the central shield devices to make them more appropriate for a unit of New York loyalists.

The figures are sculpted with buttonhole lace, which the loyalists did not have. I have just overpainted this in the facing colour ans trying to remove it from metal figures would probably be a bit messy! I have however filed down the breeches, stockings and gaiters to look like overalls.

Here are some close-ups starting with the rank-and-file. I have tried to include a number of black troops rather then having a universally European unit. This feels appropriate to the period and I think it adds some extra interest, along with the variation in hat colours. 

The "command" figures are on half-depth bases so there is more flexibility in how they are deployed - such as not carrying standards into battle, or having them more integrated into the unit.

A closer view of those flags to finish off:


  1. Very very nice! I like the mixed hat colours.

  2. A very nice unit Steve and a great addition to your collection. I like the modification and use of the Irish Loyalist flags well thought out.

  3. Outstanding details! A gorgeous paint job and beautiful flags as well...

  4. Lovely work Steve and a very unique looking unit. Your attention to detail is admirable 👍

  5. Very nice as always Steve. It reminds me I need more loyalist troops.

  6. I love the sense of movement your figures always have. Particularly the unit colours which are full of life. This is a real weakness of my painting skill. I can never get them to look this good. I am thrilled someone paints a unit as prosaic as De Lanceys. Not well known even by those who read up on Loyalist regiments. incindentally have you read the new biography on Tarleton and the British Legion “At saber point”? Great book with some insights for us modellers on uniforms and tactics.


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