Return to the Back of Beyond

As is often the case, the arrival of summer prompts a pause in AWI painting and lets me undertake a brief sojourn into one of the other periods that interest me. This week I have been continuing the repainting of my Back of Beyond/WW1 collection (28mm).

I have completed the last of my current British infantry, adding a section with a Lewis gun to the Borsetshires:

I have also made a start on repainting my Gurkhas, who will also be expanded to a full platoon. For now here is one section.

I experimented a little with the uniform colour for the Gurkhas, needing something a bit lighter and more yellow than British khaki. I settled on a mix of one-part middlestone to two parts iraqi sand (both Vallejo). Not sure if it is quite right, but it seems a reasonable compromise among several options.

The flesh also needed some thought. I used a base of GW ratskin flesh (with a wash, then a second coat) highlighted with Vallejo Game Colour: Dwarf Skin.

There are now three more sections to complete along with an officer and senior NCO.

I'm also finally working on some vehicular transport...


  1. Lovely work nicely finished units

  2. Great paint job. I love the Copplestone British figures. I use them and the Copplestone Turks for my WW1 Sinia games. Cheers Greg

  3. Looking forward to more of these. I've been painting RCW/BoB forces during lockdown.


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