Back of Beyond vehicles

To add some mobility to my British forces I have been experimenting with some die-cast vehicles. I claim no expertise with this and it has definitely been a learning experience!

Here is the collected motor pool produced over the last couple of weeks:

There are five Ford Model-T cars for transporting infantry and a Ford Model-T lorry for anything heavier. The former are Matchbox models and the latter was converted from a Lledo oil tanker model, with additional parts from a Sloppy Jalopy metal Thorneycroft lorry model.

Here are close-ups of one of the cars (all five are more or less identical other than the numbering). Some of the tyres need touching up but this is a minor issue:

Here are close-ups of the lorry:

(I have since straightened that rear wheel)

No example of master-modelling, but I think these will do the job on a wargames table when I eventually get round to gaming this period again.

This is a fairly "slow-burn" project so I am not sure what will appear next. Possibly the second Gurkha section, maybe some Pathans; or I might get distracted by something completely different...


  1. Good job on the vehicles Steve. Empress Miniatures due a nice set of crew in their inter-war series that may be suitable, Cheers Greg (Delta Coy Blog)

  2. Superb stuff Steve.

    I bet you have saved a pretty penny too.

  3. Great stuff Steve, they look really good.


  4. Excellent work. Now once you add the Lewis gun or a Vickers you are ready for the Dunsterforce scenarios that involve the Fords. :-)

    Bob G


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