Brunswick Grenadiers (Saratoga)

As part of assembling a force for the Battle of Hubbardton I have painted a few Brunswick grenadiers. Only 80 or so of these were present, towards the end of the battle, deployed as bayonet support for the Brunswick jagers. The phots aren't quite as good as normal. I have a new desk lamp that I can't quite angle in the same way as the old one so I'm still experimenting with the best set-up.

I have painted these as grenadiers of the Rhetz Regiment, although I've no reason to believe it was specifically that company which was deployed on the day from the provisional grenadier battalion. I just liked the white facings.

As these may need to skirmish I have mounted them on half-depth bases (35mm x 25mm)

The figures are from the Perry Miniatures Hesse-Cassel Grenadiers Charging pack and the associated command pack. I don't really need all 12 figures for Hubbardton but they looked good like this on the workbench so I painted all of them.

I think these will be the only Brunswick grenadiers that I paint for the Saratoga project. For larger battles where the whole battalion was present I will use my Hessian grenadiers (I have three battalions) as proxies.

This more or less finishes what I need for Hubbardton, although I'm tempted to do some ragged bases of Continental "stragglers and wounded", so we will see. Other than that I can now get on with planning the game, finishing off the Hesse Cassel Lieb battalion and then making progress on the outstanding units for the Eutaw Springs OOB - yes my paintbrushes are heading back down south.


Delta Coy said…
Great paint job, the Perry figures come up very nicely. I also use Perry Hessians both for the American Revolution and for the Seven Years war with different command bases & flags. Cheers Greg
Fab work Steve, I look forwards to seeing this battle come together.