Freeman's Farm, endgame

It took just one further turn to bring the battle to a conclusion.
The 9th Foot and the previously uncommitted wing of the light infantry charged into Dearborn and Morgan respectively, while the British grenadiers attacked the 8th Massachusetts who were the vanguard of Learned's advance. The redcoats took losses but were successful in all three combats. With the British now dominating the centre of the battlefield, Hamilton and Poor having fought each other to bloody inaction and Learned facing the cream of Burgoyne's army the Americans have no realistic option other than to break contact and pull back to join the remainder of their army encamped at Bemis heights. They can take heart that Burgoyne's advanced has been stopped dead in its tracks. A result quite close to history, if achieved in a few hours less.

Here is a video to show the battlefield at the end of the turn - about 16:25 in game terms, the recreated battle lasting around 3 hours and 40 minutes of almost constant fighting. 

If you enjoyed this way of presenting a game, please let me know in the comments section that it is worth me producing more videos as well as the usual photographs!


  1. Yes please Steve! Really inspiring and the video adds to the photos in giving a great perspective of the battle field from different angles in relation to each other. Simply brilliant.


  2. Thanks Steve, I have enjoyed following , just so you know accessing through blogger the last video is not showing saying it can’t be embedded and can only be viewed on Facebook so some slight tech issue at play ? I think the videos work, but commentary is important 👍

  3. Hi Matt. I think the error only appears if you open the blog in a pseudo browser within another app (e.g. Facebook). It happened to me too. When I look at it in Chrome or Safari the video plays with no problem.

    Thanks for the comment/suggestion.

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