Freeman’s Farm continued: 16:15

Partizan in the Cloud May be over but the struggle for Freeman’s Farm goes on. After work tonight I played through a couple more turns, representing 15 minutes of game time. 

The British have adopted a more aggressive approach, Fraser is moving grenadiers to counterattack against Learned and light infantry against Morgan’s riflemen. Hamilton has bought up his reserve battalions on his flanks, the 9th against Dearborn and the 20th against the Connecticut militia. Unfortunately the 20th have rather blotted their copybook by  routing after the first volley from the militia so Hamilton will need to rally them. 


The battlefield looking south east. Hamilton on the left, Fraser on the right;

The battlefield looking south:

The centre. You can see the standards of the 9th marking the right flank of Hamilton’s brigade. Along the stream British light infantry and the 24th Foot engage the New York continentals and Morgan’s depleted riflemen:

On the eastern edge of the battlefield grenadiers move to relieve the jägers and loyalists who are holding up Learned’s Massachusetts continentals. 

As the 9th Foot move forward, Dearborn’s number might be up:

However the flight of the 20th may give Poor an opening to exploit if he can get his militia moving:

It’s not over yet...


  1. Love it ......excellent photos. Just what I needed in the morning before another day in work (in the dining room). A splendid sight 👍


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