Freeman's Farm at #Partizaninthecloud (3)

Well, today was the big day.

I played through the game up to 4pm (game time) and will finish it off over the coming week.
As part of my contribution to the virtual show I made some videos of the action including a couple giving a brief talk-through of my "Bloodybacks!" rules (available on the "pages" section of this blog):

Initial moves:
Close combat example  
At 13:10 game time  
At 14:00 game time  
At 15:00 game time  
At 16:00 game time

I hope you find these of interest or entertainment. These are my first attempt to use iMovie on my phone and while I think I have the basics sorted, I'm sure there is a lot more to learn!

Look out for updates as I finish the battle off and see if Learned's arrival will tip the balance...


  1. Thanks for making the effort to put the game on today Steve, you put a lot of effort in, when I get a chance I will go back in and watch the videos I missed during the day 🙂

  2. Just wow, thank you for sharing.


  3. Nice work Steve, all the effort you put in has paid off.

  4. wonderful set up as always, really nice to follow through the game, many thanks.


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