1st Canadian Regiment, 1777 (Saratoga)

The latest addition to my Continental army is the 1st Canadian regiment as the might have looked in 1777 at the battle of Freeman’s Farm. 
As with the other recent additions these include a mix of Perry metal figures, Perry plastics and Wargames Foundry metal figures. 

The flag is one I painted up quickly. Didn’t quite know what to do so I used Warner’s regimental flag as a template but gave it a white field to match the unit facings. 

I’m now working on the final four regiments for my Saratoga army: 1st NH, 3rd NH and two Massachusetts Bay regiments. 


  1. A realistic and wonderful paintjob!

  2. Very nice brush work. The flag will always be in doubtbut as long as yu are happy, that's all that matters.

  3. Beautifully painted and the shading and weathering is fantastic.

  4. Lovely work just the inspiration I need 👍


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