AWI 4th New York, 1777 (Saratoga)

This weekend I’ve completed the 4th New York Continental regiment for Saratoga (1777). Figures are a mix of Perry plastics and metals with a few Foundry figures for variety. 

The few uniforms are a mix of 1776 NY issues. Note that the often illustrated white uniform with red facings was not issued until 1778. 

The flag is hand painted as shown in my previous post because I couldn’t get what I wanted. I tried scanning and recolouring. This worked on screen but red inkjet ink runs really nastily if it gets damp so gluing the flag to the flagpole is best described as messy. In the end I just printed the flag in b&w and painted over the top of this. It took a couple of hours. 


  1. Excellent looking regiment and the flag really stands out!


  2. Lovely unit! The mix of uniforms matches up with everything I've been reading recently.

  3. Wonderful painting and basing. The mix of clothing makes for a interesting looking unit.


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